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Classes & Other Spectators

Many different groups of students, teachers and other individuals have come to witness and participate in Syracuse lava flow events. Lava flow events occur about once per month throughout the year. Here is a sampling of the diverse audiences:

• Syracuse University, Dept. of Earth Sciences

            EAR 101 Dynamic Earth

            EAR 225 Earthquakes & Volcanoes

            EAR 314 Mineralogy

            EAR 318 Petrology

            EAR 333 Structural Geology

• Syracuse University, Civil & Environmental Engineering (Fluid Dynamics)

• Onondaga Community College, Geology Club

• St. Lawrence University, Geology Department (Petrology Class)

• University of Buffalo, Geology Department (Volcanology Class)

• Colgate University, Geology Department

• Liverpool High School, Earth Sciences

• Syracuse University ADVANCE Program (NY State HS Teachers)

• Syracuse University Sculpture Classes

• Syracuse University Art Education Class

• Central NY Earth Science Student Symposium (2011, 2012)

• New York State Geological Society Meeting (2011)

Interested in coming to see a lava flow or do some experiments?

Contact: Jeff Karson (jakarson@syr.edu) or Robert Wysocki (rjwysock@syr.edu)

for more information.

cold and hot lava

“Experiment” by elementary school kids: what happens if you put pieces of cold lava in the hot lava?

apple in lava

“Experiment” by elementary school kids: what happens if you put an apple in lava?

geology class at flow

SU Geology class at a lava flow

students watching flow

Students watching a lava flow experiment

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